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Green flag drops on inaugural AMUGderby

Wow, the 2024 AMUGderby 12bet online bettingwas a spectacular success! We had 87 competitors and hundreds of race fans cheering them on.

The AMUGderby took place on Tuesday evening (March 12, 2024). Gravity-powered racecars, built by AMUG Members, didn’t have wood bodies made of pine. Instead, competitors designed and printed the racecars using AM technologies and materials. Those bodies were paired with stock wheels and axles.

Race Results

Speed Champion

Steve Charles (MacLean Additive)

Steve not only won, he had the top 12 fastest time for the AMUGderby.

12bet appRounding out the top 6 were:

  • Chase Armstrong (second)
  • Brent Griffith (third)
  • Vince Anewenter (fourth)
  • Kate Ashby (fifth)
  • Dave Howe (sixth)

Best Design

Lino Stavole (RICOH/ 3D for Healthcare)

While Lino had one of the slowest cars, his design wowed the judges.

Steve Charles (MacLean Additive)
Speed Champion

Lino Stavole (RICOH/3D for Healthcare)
Design Champion